5 of The Raddest Skate Parks in SD

As San Diego is starting to cool down, you may not want to spend your days riding the waves in the cold ocean water. So, why not skate instead?! If you’re looking for a place to shred, grab your buddies and head to one of these awesome skate parks that San Diego has to offer! Don’t forget your safety gear :) 

1. Carmel Valley State Park

Opened in 2008, the Carmel Valley State Park features a 13,500-square-foot facility with a challenge course, cast in place concrete bowl, as well as as railings, stairs, banks and ledges. Perfect for those who like to skate all day, the park is equipped with night lighting allowing it to stay open after the sun goes down.

(photo via West Coast Skate Parks)

Location: 12600 El Camino Real

San Diego, CA 92130

(858) 552-1616

Hours: Open 11am to 8pm


2. Memorial Skatepark

This rad skatepark offers its skaters 22,000 square feet of skate-able surface, including elements such as railings, stairs, a 10-foot "key hole" and a 90-foot long "snake run." For the less-experienced, the park features a beginner’s bowl allowing those to develop their skills!

(photo via West Coast Skate Parks)

Location: 702 South 30th St.

San Diego, CA 92113

(619) 235-1125

Hours: Open 10am to 8pm


3. Robb Field Skate Park

If you’re looking for an early start to your day of shredding, the Robb Field State Park opens at 8am. Opened in 2010, the park features 40,000 square feet of concrete and has elements for all levels of skaters. The "street course" design which features a combination bowl, along with numerous handrails, ledges, blocks, a pump bump and an octagon volcano.

(photo via West Coast Skate Parks)

Location: 2525 Bacon St.

San Diego, CA 92107

(619) 531-1563

Hours: Open 8am to 9pm


4. Park de la Cruz Skate Park

Opened just this year, Park de la Cruz State Park is a 19,300-square-foot facility with an incredible amount of a features! The park has a flow bowl with spine ramp, street plaza with flow features, banks and transition ramps, street plaza a-frame with gap and rail features, signature mid-city ramp feature, beginner gap, rail, stair and ledge features backyard style pool. It also includes urban elements such as railings, stairs, banks and ledges.

(photo via San Diego Parks and Rec)

Location: 3901 Landis Street

San Diego, CA 92105


Hours: Open 8am to 10pm


5. Linda Vista Skateboard Park

Also opened in 2018, this park is currently the the largest skate park in the San Diego Parks and Recreation system! The parks many elements include:  rails, stairs, ramps, banks, ledges, jumps, and bench-like features. In addition, there are several bowls, a full pipe, a street course, lights and a bridge. This park is perfect for all skill levels!

(photo via Transworld Skateboarding)

Location: 6893 Osler Street

San Diego, CA 92111


Hours: Open 9am to 9pm


These skateparks are RAD and are an awesome place to meet cool peeps! There's nothing better than getting out there and doing things that make you forget to check your phone with cool people you vibe with.
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