Back to School Style with Life's Rad

Ahh, the days of morning bells, busy hallways, 45 lbs of books in your backpack and (sometimes questionable) cafeteria food are upon us. Time to hit the books, kids! While our own school days are long behind us now, we can remember one of our favorite parts of school being the ability to express ourselves through our everyday looks. “School isn’t a fashion show!” We know, mom. But we can get A’s and B’s in cool clothes, too!

There's nothing more simple and more stylish than a tee + jeans combo for your school-day wardrobe. It's the perfect option to make your before-school morning routine quick and easy, while serving serious statements down the hallway. Here's a few Life's Rad tees for both dudes and dudettes that can pair with basically anything! Plus, a bonus tip to be unique in class.



But, wait! Don't forget ...


Our last style tip is this: Wear a smile.
Even if your history lecture has you missing care-free days at the beach or cruising on your board down PCH, remember that Life's Rad and always wearing a smile is a way to remind yourself and others.

Sending good vibes your way always,

Life's Rad.

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