Beach Day Essentials: Fall Edition

Life’s Rad in Southern California during Fall, mostly because we don’t have to endure extreme cold weather conditions and the beach is always calling our name. Although we never have to pull out our heavy snow jackets and snow boots, we still get slightly cooler weather and wind gusts that require a few extra layers to go about doing our favorite things like sitting on the shore and watching the sun rise in the morning or the sun set in the evening. And beach bonfires are a definite must in Autumn!

If you’re looking forward to enjoying the beach with your vibe tribe this season, there’s a few essentials you definitely won’t want to forget to add to your list. Here at Life’s Rad, we’ve always got your back and we have the ultimate chilly beach weather curated list for you!

What to Bring for a Chilly Beach Day:

1. A Beach Tote

For starters,  you’ll want a spacious beach tote that can carry everything you’ll want to bring with you for a successful beach day. Our Mermaid Beach Bag has more than enough space to pack all the goods you'll need.

2. Blankets

You’ll definitely want to bring one or two blankets with you to lay down on the sand and wrap yourself in. If it’s chilly near your house, it’s going to be at least 10 degrees cooler at the beach. Our Baja Beach Blankets are the perfect option for beachy coziness.

3. A Speaker

Nothing’s better than listening to some jams while enjoying the waves crash on the shore. Put on a little Arctic Monkeys and Bob Marley and you have yourself an amazing beach sesh ahead of you.

4. Snacks & Drinks

Pack a few sodas and some chips +  guac in your tote before you head out to the beach! Everything is better with guac!

5. Cozy Hoodies

Last but certainly not least, you’ll for sure want to bring cozy hoodies with you to the beach. With SoCal temps being so up and down, even if it’s warm for the time being you’ll want to pack your hoodie because it might drop 15 degrees in an hour! It’s always best to be prepared.


The only thing missing from this Beach Day Essentials list is the loved ones you want to invite to enjoy the beach with you! Good company is truly the cherry on top, just remember to remind them to check this list of what to pack!


We already can’t wait to hit the beach this weekend ourselves! Make sure to stay posted on our social media to stay up to date with what’s new here at Life’s Rad.


Until next time!


The Life’s Rad Team

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