Heading on a Grand Adventure - Life's Rad Style!

Life's Rad has put together a great series of adventures for those who love to travel the world!

It’s summertime, and that means it’s the perfect weather to go explore! Whether you’ve only got time for a weekend staycation or you’re looking to immerse yourself in a new country, we’re here to inspire you to try something new. So, from Life’s Rad to you... we bring you the ultimate guide and inspiration for summer adventuring!

Oaxaca, México

Filled with rich history, vibrant culture, and downright mouth-watering food, Oaxaca should definitely be on your list of places to explore. No matter what your travel crew likes to do, there’s something for everyone. Oaxaca is home to a massive art scene, impressive archaeological sites, great waves at their local beaches, plenty of wildlife to check out, and even more food.

Oaxaca is an incredible locale, and one that we absolutely think that you should visit at some point in time!

Santorini, Greece

Santorini is perfect for immersing yourself in Greek culture. You can take a relaxing boat ride along the coast, hike to the top of the Santorini volcano, take a photography tour of the town’s distinct architecture, or catch an open-air movie after wine tasting.

Santorini is a dream for those who love the idyllic life - like us at Life's Rad!

Dublin, Ireland

Dublin is a must for any adventurer. With thousands of castle ruins to explore, plenty of museums ranging in topics from Dublin itself to the history of Irish Whiskey, and famous tourist spots like the Ha’Penny Bridge, St. Patrick’s Cathedral, and the Temple Bar, there’s no limit on ways to spend your time in Dublin. Don’t forget to drive a couple of hours to check out the Cliffs of Moher - it’s a once in a lifetime experience!

Ireland is a dream trip for us - have you ever been there? The Life's Rad team would love to go!

Barcelona, Spain

This spot is perfect for music and food lovers alike. Barcelona is filled with live music and offers plenty of eateries for any craving. During the day, you can take a walk up the Montjuïc mountain and through the Laribal gardens, or explore the city.

Spain, you've totally hit our bucket list and the Life's Rad family isn't even sorry!

Costa Rica

Did you know that the Life’s Rad crew recently hit the jungles of Costa Rica? It’s such a gorgeous locale and we had an absolutely incredible time soaking it all in! Of course, we went fully geared out in our Life’s Rad tanks and hats, and got so many questions about them! Our soft, locally-designed apparel is perfect for travel and the style really works anywhere! Some favorite items we traveled with included the Surfer Girl Side Slit Tank, our Mermaid Burnout Hoodie (an absolute fave for layering with on the plane!), and our retro-inspired Old Skool Tank.

Life's Rad recently went on an incredible exotic trip... to Costa Rica! We had an incredible time!

Life's Rad recently went on an incredible exotic trip... to Costa Rica! We had an incredible time!

Carlsbad, California, USA

We here at Life’s Rad know better than anyone that Carlsbad is the place to be. We’ve got it all: from perfect beaches to friendly people. Entertain the young ones with Legoland, the Sea Life Aquarium, or the Museum of Making Art. Take the family and eat at our local gems, spend a day at the beach, or cruise around the village. There are endless shops and activities to make Carlsbad your ideal vacation destination - we know firsthand!

Life's truly rad in Carlsbad! Check out our hometown! We love it here!

So those are our favorite summer locales - which ones are YOU hitting up this summer season? Let us know over on Instagram. See ya out there, Life’s Rad friends!

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