Hosting a Rad Friendsgiving to Remember

Hello, November!

As Thanksgiving is just a few weeks away and we’re taking account of everything we’re grateful for, being grateful for our friends is definitely at the top of our list! What better way to show your friends that you’re thankful for them than hosting your very own Friendsgiving!? If you’ve never organized a Friendsgiving before and aren’t sure where to start, we're here to help. We put together a curated list of the best tips to ensure that your Friendsgiving is rad and unforgettable!


1. E-Vite Your Besties!

Decide on a date and start a group text or Facebook Event with all of your closest friends. Since Friendsgiving is usually potluck style, determine what food item everyone will bring to the table. It doesn’t have to be traditional Thanksgiving food either. If spaghetti or chips and guac is more of your jam, go with it! Friendsgiving is more about the company than the food!

  1. Keep it simple

The last thing we want to do when spending time with our friends is a bunch of dishes after our Friendsgiving meal. Keep it simple by buying plastic plates, cups, and utensils. This keeps cleaning time at a minimal, which will allow for more time chilling with your friends.  

  1. Giving thanks

Since this gathering is all about giving thanks, tell your friends ahead of time to think of 3 things that they’re thankful for. This will be a great conversation piece for the dinner table.

  1. Have the jams  

No gathering is complete without some music. Have someone put together a playlist to have on in the background at your Friendsgiving. If you need some inspiration, check out this previous blog post on our favorite tunes to groove to!

  1. Capture the Mem's

Don’t forget to take pictures. If one of your friends has a Polaroid camera, make sure they bring it. Capture the awesome moments at your Friendsgiving, so you all can cherish them forever!

  1. Dig in!

No explanation needed here. Eat, drink and have a #Rad Friendsgiving!

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