#LifesRadStyle || From the Curls to the Cubes

Who says that surf style is just for the beach? One thing that all San Diegans know is that you’ve gotta be ready to hit the sand in a hot sec. The Life’s Rad team is super familiar with that fact, which is why we shared our ideal bug-out bag with you, but what about daily wear? Can you Life’s Rad in the office? We say YES! 

Whether you have a more formal office structure or something more casual, we have put together some super cute styles that are sure to please your morning mirror views and garner you all of the compliments from your cubicle colleagues! So, without further ado, here are our favorite office style selections!

Cube Fashionista

The Cube Cutie is a girl who loves to rock her Life's Rad as part of her unique 2018 summer office style.

Top | Slacks | Bralette | Jacket | Shoes | Bag

Co-Work Runway Model

The Co-Work Babe is a girl who loves to look stylin' and isn't afraid to wear her Life's Rad as part of her fresh, millennial apparel!


Start-Up Style Star

The Start-Up Star is a super stylin' guy or gal who loves the unisex and slightly tough vibe for office apparel.


So what do you think? Which styles would work best in your office, and which details would you add to make them most you? Shout out over on Instagram to let us know!

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