Meet Our Life's Rad Pup: Pierre

Maybe you've seen him around on the beach or heard about him through the grapevine. But in the case that you haven't, meet the the raddest and most loving pup in all of San Diego and the official Life’s Rad pup: Pierre.

Becoming Part of the Life’s Rad Family

Pierre was meant to be the best present ever, as he was born on Christmas Day. We must have been really nice that year and Santa noticed! It was 2013 when Pierre became part of the Life’s Rad family and life has only been more rad ever since. Upon adoption, we thought diligently together about what name would suit this awesome poodle that just entered our lives. While there were plenty of suggestions, some good ones and not so good ones, we finally came to a consensus and decided on Pierre. Pierre the Life’s Rad Poodle.

Is that a Pink Mohawk?!

Why, yes it is! Pierre’s colorful mohawk is what the surfers on the beach and skaters on the street love most about him. “Pierre the pink-mohawk’d poodle!”, they’ll say. All the other pups we’ll run into on our walks are in total awe, as Pierre is definitely a style icon in the doggie world, representing Life’s Rad brand and lifestyle on four legs. Pierre began rocking his signature mohawk at his first Surfer Girl Pro event back in 2013. While it’s a bright pink hue now, he’s also rocked blue, green and purple mohawks like it ain’t a thang! #Iconic

Life Lessons From Pierre

In addition to the love, memories and laughs Pierre brings into the Life’s Rad family, he also teaches us about life and how to live it to it’s fullest potential. From Pierre to our readers, here are 3 of the biggest things to remember in life:

  • Be yourself unapologetically.
    Let's face it - there's not too many poodles around with colorful mohawks. But, the awesome thing about Pierre is that he embraces his uniqueness proudly and we all should embrace our own individuality, too!
  • Stay close to your vibe tribe.
    At the core of every pup is loyalty and that’s exactly what Pierre is. Whether we’re watching a movie on the couch, skating down the boardwalk or walking on the beach, Pierre does not leave our side and sticks close to our entire Life’s Rad family at all costs. We’re Pierre’s vibe tribe and he knows better than to stray too far from the ones who love him most.
  • Run, sprint and chase your goals with all your might.
    Typically, Pierre’s main goal is to catch the green tennis ball we chucked across the yard, but the fierceness in the pursuit of that goal is inspiring and we should all chase down our goals like it’s a green tennis ball to Pierre.


Pierre is currently in his prime at 5 years old and ready to take on whatever this rad life throws at him (as long as there’s doggie treats involved).

If you’re ever cruising around town and spot Pierre the pink-mohawk’d poodle, make sure to come up and say hi! Our Life’s Rad family is your family and making new friends is kind of our thing.

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