The Surf Movement | Part II

It is no secret that the sport of surfing is both a female and male professional sport and there are equally as influential female surf athletes as there are males. Right!? Right!

As overdue as this may be, there has been a HUGE shift in surf that was sparked on September 5th of this year by the World Surf League when they declared that as of 2019 all World Surf League controlled events will offer equal prize money to both female and male athletes.

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“Today is a very proud day for me,” six-time world champion surfer Stephanie Gilmore wrote in an op-ed for The Players Tribune regarding WSL’s PR Release. Stephanie Gilmore is one amongst many other female surf athletes that are feeling a sigh of relief.

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Another influential female surf athlete and three-time world champion, Carissa Moore, chimed in to CNN,

"It's a huge deal. It's more so just the statement that it makes to be recognized on that level and to be respected as elite athletes alongside the men."

We are living through history as World Surf League is the first and only US-based global sports league to offer equal prize money to both genders. Surfing women everywhere high-fived each other across the U.S. as it is a very big step forward for the dedicated women surf athletes.

Like many other sports, there is often an uneven playing field amongst genders and it is a pressing issue that still lives on today. There has yet to be much done about this unfair facet of U.S. sports, but WSL has led the way for surfing and we couldn’t be happier to have lived through such a Rad movement! #EQUALBYNATURE


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